FPB64 Grey Wolf

World record for the most northerly travelled FPB but no walruses

Posted On 05 July, 2015

A sunny morning and Trevor went ashore to look at some graves of whale hunters which were just above the beach and marked by stones.

We pulled up the anchor and left just as a small cruise ship sailed up the fjord. The sea was very calm and we headed for a small island called Moffen, a well-known haul-out place for Walruses but, unfortunately, we were unlucky and didn’t see any.

Today GREY WOLF broke the record for the most northerly travelled FPB at 80 2.229’N and we are hoping to travel further north before the end of the trip.

Our anchorage for the night was an uncharted lagoon reached by a narrow opening. Nonetheless we found a very good position. Scanning the shore with the binoculars, scribe and crew noticed that what looked like lumps of rock to the naked eye were, in fact, seals lazing in the evening sun.

TSV 05 July 2015