The Approach to Easter Island – Flying Fish, Impromptu Cake and Giant Stone Heads | News from Apprentice Dan

The Approach to Easter Island – Flying Fish, Impromptu Cake and Giant Stone Heads | News from Apprentice Dan

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Day 8 – Friday 26th October
Location – At Sea -S 26’36.591 W 119’51.480
Destination – Easter Island

An un-eventful day at sea today, but un-eventful is good. We are 550 Nautical Miles from Easter Island, and we are due to arrive early Monday morning. Today I learnt about flying fish, these are little fish that have adapted little wings. When they feel threatened, or they are being chased by a predator, the can accelerate through the water with their tails, jump out of the water, and skim across the top of the water with their wings. The record is somewhere around 300 meters for them to skim across the top of the water. The reason I learnt about these was because as we are going along we can see them flying away from the boat as we go along, and in the morning we quite often find them lying on the deck where they’ve hit the boat in the night.

I also did some chart work, and some weather work today with Simon, I learnt how to read the weather forecasts, and how to plot a course on the paper charts, however I found the fish more interesting.


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Day 9 – Saturday 27th October
Location – At Sea -S 26’55.004 W 115’40.001
Destination – Easter Island

So we are 330 nautical miles off Easter Island and the rest of the crew are starting to prepare for that by getting paperwork ready and looking at anchorage spots for when we arrive. I meanwhile was really craving a cake, so I made the crew a cake. Apart from that it was a quiet day admiring the expansive vista.


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Day 10 – Sunday 28th October
Location – At Sea – S 27’09.300 W 111’51.800
Destination – Easter Island

120 Nautical miles off Easter Island and we are due to arrive tomorrow morning. Unfortunately the sea state has taken a slight turn for the worst and has become uncomfortable. According to Simon this is comfortably rough, so I’m not looking forward to seeing what uncomfortably rough is. Today was also my turn to cook again, and regrettably I had chosen to make a fish pie, what seems to be the most complicated and most impracticable dish to make whilst at sea in rough weather, ever. However, after a few hours of struggling and swearing I got there, and it tasted ok for a first attempt.

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Day 11 – Monday 29th October
Location – Easter Island
At Anchor

This morning at 9am local time we arrived in Easter Island. Owned by Chile, and famous for its massive stone head carvings; it is also one of the most remote islands in the world, Chile being around 2000 miles away. When we arrived we anchored up on the west side of the island, next to a cargo ship, and a couple of other sailing vessels. We then had to wait a few hours for the Chilean Armada to come aboard and carry out some boarder checks. Once that was done we flagged down one of the nearby boats and they were able to show us how to get ashore with the tender, due to there being a lot of surf. When we got ashore we had a little look around and took a walk to some of the statues that were on our side of the island.




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Day 12 – Tuesday 30th October
Location – Easter Island
At Anchor/ Departure

We hadn’t yet decided on a plan for the rest of the journey and when we would be leaving Easter Island. We could leave today and head directly east to avoid two systems that were coming in, and then head south, or we could stay in Easter Island for a few days and wait for the systems to pass. Until that was decided I started to do some wiring on the fridges. The fridges and freezers have their normal compressors, and then they each have a boost compressor as well; Simon and Peter wanted to be able to turn each compressor on and off individually so to do this I had to find the incoming supply to each compressor, re-route the power supply to a new switch, and then run a cable out of the switch back down to the compressors. I managed to do this quicker than we thought and was able to get it done that morning. Since this was done we decided to leave our anchorage on the west side of the island and take the boat around the island for a scenic tour. The plan was to re anchor on the east side of the island where we hoped it would be slightly calmer. Unfortunately when we got there it wasn’t very suitable, so Simon flew the drone onto the island and got some pretty cool video footage of the statues and of the boat since it was to choppy to take the tender ashore. We then came to the decision to head east, and we left Easter Island at 19:00.


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