FPB64 Grey Wolf

Questionably tied bowlines & a rock wedged between two cliffs.

Posted On 23 August, 2015

20th August

Slightly worrying news greeted us first thing, as we found when paying that the harbour master had been rushed to hospital overnight with heart problems. Later in the morning, Andy took a turn wakeboarding (or “scurfing” as it is apparently known) and we headed to Lavøya og Selen. It was an interesting mooring. Alex and Andy were sent out rowing to put climbing wedges in to attach mooring lines. This then led to attempts at slack-lining by Andy, which resulted in the mooring suddenly becoming somewhat less secure. After this mishap, Andy went for another row in the dinghy and was gone so long that his mother employed the boat’s horn to call him back. Dinner was cooked by Alex and Andy (with only minor ‘help’ from Peter) – it was a Thai green curry.

21st August

After a slightly delayed start, due to an incorrectly-tied bowline stuck around a tree trunk, we started on the short passage, anchoring between Jørpelandsholmen and Fjellsholmen. After this the competition between Trevor and Alex began – to see which driver could soak his passengers the most on the way to and from the larger island when going on a food, cider and ice cream run. After dinner Trevor took Margaret, Andrew and Claudia out in the dink. Much to Peter’s surprise, there was a (small!) catch of the day, made by Margaret.

22nd August

On the way down the Lysefjord we saw Preikestolen (Puplit Rock), which looked very popular, and managed to spot the tiny-looking Kjeragbolten. We arrived at Lyseboten. Again the evening ended with playing cards – we may need to extend our repertoire!

23rd August

From Lysebotn most of the ship (the skipper stayed in bed) decided to head up to Øygardsstølen with Alex, Andrew and Claudia heading up to the Kjeragbolten. This is a popular place for hikers to head for a photo opportunity balanced on a rock wedged between two cliffs – approximately a kilometre above the fjord. In the afternoon we headed for Litle Teistholmen, leaving the Lysefjord looking spectacular in the evening sun. Once we arrived there, however, we found it to be too busy, so instead headed over to Lindøy.

TSV 23 August 2015