FPB64 Grey Wolf

Journey’s End

Posted On 28 August, 2015

24th August
I am happy to report a straight forward passage between Lindøy and Stavenger – it being mostly an inshore affair, with wall to wall sunshine and mill pond-esk waters. With the end of GREY WOLF’s journey insight, I must admit that Peter’s apprehension has been steadily on the rise – in preparation for the weather on our non-stop journey home.

This evening he took to the kitchen to make onion, chorizo, pineapple and ham pizza. An eclectic mix which went down a treat. Peter becoming world renowned for his thin crust and extra toppings… Fresh dough was made in the bread maker – and a rolling pin was specially customised to fit GREY WOLF’s galley surface.

GREY WOLF docked in downtown Stavanger around 15.30, and amongst the usual turning of heads, and inevitable asking of questions about GREY WOLF’s origins, we were taken aback by the city’s hustle and bustle and beautiful clean architecture. We’d most definitely visit again.

A trip to a local pub was on the cards – where everyone thoroughly enjoyed a few lagers in preparation for our guest’s departure in the morning.

25th August
With our guests dispatched, and another change of scribe, we prepared GREY WOLF for yet another crew member’s arrival.

Jonathan (Edinburgh university student – and pretty confident watch keeper) arrived late in the day, and will be on board for the rest of the trip. Let’s just say he was remarkably pleased with the accommodation, considering he’d only cruised on sailing yachts before.

In prepping the yacht for departure, we found that nothing needed extra attention – so following a small shopping trip (for the essentials), we were done for the day.

26th August
After a hurried trip to find a doctor – skipper Trevor had come down with a throat infection – we left Stavanger without a hitch.

I could tell he wasn’t feeling well, as he was hesitant leave, and later didn’t make it through his full 4 hour watch. Myself and Jonathan shared the load, and am pleased to say we’re well underway with little to no problems at all.

28th August
Today, whilst happily chugging along in the middle of nowhere – we struck an underwater object. After assessing the damage, and not actually managing to catch glimpse of what it was, we continued on (maybe a little more tentatively).

Off Dover we were ‘apprehended’ by the Coast Guard. This was not as dramatic as it sounds – and after being asked where we were going, we pressed onwards to then be stuck in the Alderney race for at least 3 hours.

I would like to say we had a reasonable view of the proceedings, but with lumpy seas and no other yachts in sight, we all just wanted to get home.

On arrival in Guernsey we were met by my wife (and previous scribe) Judith, as well as Jonathan’s parents. After a less than thrilling ending to our passage, we retired to the Yacht Club for food and drink, and a team meeting so that we could decide what would happen in the coming days

Docked. Cleaned. And almost partially moth balled – I was quick to remove the bread maker and slow cooker; a worthwhile addition to GREY WOLF’s soon to be completed larger sibling. Fresh bread in the middle of the Pacific is difficult to come by!

We’ll soon be taking GREY WOLF to Berthon’s Lymington HQ where she will lie until sold.


TSV 28 August 2015