FPB64 Grey Wolf

A change of the guard, and an 8 metre gap.

Posted On 19 August, 2015

18th August

It’s all change for the crew of FPB 64 GREY WOLF. Judith, Alex (Peter & Judith’s son), Claudia (his friend), Margaret (Judith’s friend) and Andrew (Margaret’s son) have arrived!

We slipped from Bergen around 15:30, after Trevor had indulged his craving for McDonald’s.

On the way out, a Royal Norwegian Navy submarine was heading back in, and we dipped the ensign in salute with no response.

After a leisurely meander down to Smivågen, we moored up and scran was put on – in the form of a lovely fish curry. After dinner entertainment consisted of ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ – reviews were generally good, but the gratuitous violence was not to our taste.

19th August

We travelled down to Røyksundkanalen.

Happy to report that this was a lovely and uneventful journey, until we arrived at the entrance to the port – which was exceedingly narrow.

While Peter professed a lack of faith in GREY WOLF’s ability to fit through an 8m gap with a strong crosswind, Trevor decided he could make it and the skipper’s conviction won out – albeit with a crew member either side to watch the gap. Once we’d moored up alongside the slightly rickety wooden pontoon, and connected the electricity going down from 32 to a European house plug, Claudia and Margaret started the slow cooker (with the slight irony of a vegetarian cooking meat for everyone) to make pork in a mustard and cider sauce.

Alex took the dink out and Trevor finally got to go wakeboarding in the lovely, warm Norwegian waters, while Margaret, Judith and Andy went out in the kayak. Our evening ended with card games and more movies – ‘71’ – taking Peter back to his time in the army.

TSV 19 August 2015