FPB64 Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf Archived

Journey’s End

TSV - 28 August, 2015

24th August I am happy to report a straight forward passage between Lindøy and Stavenger – it being mostly an inshore affair, with wall to wall sunshine and mill pond-esk waters. With the end of GREY WOLF’s journey insight, I must admit that Peter’s apprehension has been steadily on the…

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TSV 28 August 2015

Questionably tied bowlines & a rock wedged between two cliffs.

TSV - 23 August, 2015

20th August Slightly worrying news greeted us first thing, as we found when paying that the harbour master had been rushed to hospital overnight with heart problems. Later in the morning, Andy took a turn wakeboarding (or “scurfing” as it is apparently known) and we headed to Lavøya og Selen….

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TSV 23 August 2015

A change of the guard, and an 8 metre gap.

TSV - 19 August, 2015

18th August It’s all change for the crew of FPB 64 GREY WOLF. Judith, Alex (Peter & Judith’s son), Claudia (his friend), Margaret (Judith’s friend) and Andrew (Margaret’s son) have arrived! We slipped from Bergen around 15:30, after Trevor had indulged his craving for McDonald’s. On the way out, a…

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TSV 19 August 2015

Like a wolf in a Norwegian fish market…

TSV - 16 August, 2015

15th August I’m sorry to report that it rained heavily the morning FPB 64 GREY WOLF left Silda. Our next destination was Hestnesvåg, on the island of Hille. The island was used by the Norwegian resistance in World War II. Although resistance was coordinated and based in major cities such…

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TSV 16 August 2015

FPB 64 GREY WOLF in sunny Silda

TSV - 14 August, 2015

We’ve had a lovely day on-board FPB 64 GREY WOLF – filled with wall to wall sunshine. We started with a bit of shopping, and Trevor got his hair cut. Then we set sail for the lovely island of Silda, which has no cars and a charming small port. It…

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TSV 14 August 2015

Friends, Norwegians, Crewmen. Lend me your ears!

TSV - 13 August, 2015

9th August On arrival in Trondheim, Norway’s third biggest city, we found it an eclectic mixture of new and old architecture. We bid farewell to Jeremy with a delightful meal; he was sadly returning to Guernsey to look after his brand new kitten! 10th August We departed at mid-day, which…

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TSV 13 August 2015

Please forgive our radio silence! There’s been music and more talk of slow cookers.

TSV - 08 August, 2015

3rd – 7th of August We moved down the coast – picking up a friend whilst in Bronnoysund. First Mate Trevor went fishing; sadly only managing to catch the weed on the bottom! Once re-provisioned we continued on between islands, all the way down to Lysoysund. We saw all manner…

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TSV 08 August 2015

Music in the air & pizza on the table.

TSV - 31 July, 2015

Bodo has quite the military history, in that it was used as a base to fly spy missions over the Soviet Union. Our arrival coincided with an open air music festival. First mate Trevor was quick to dress up for a night on the tiles, hoping to meet some nice…

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TSV 31 July 2015
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