FPB64 Grey Wolf

Bring a slow cooker. You won’t regret it.

Posted On 30 July, 2015

I arrived back aboard FPB 64 GREY WOLF on July 29th, having flown to the UK for a lovely wedding, and to my surprise it was sunny! So warm in fact that this captain, and now part-time scribe following the departure of Tayler, is currently writing wearing shorts.

The boat was looking immaculate (but isn’t she always?), and after picking up a small bit of shopping, we were soon weighing anchor. It is our plan to be in Bergen for the 17th, to pick up some family, after which we’ll squeeze in more cruising – Norway’s fjords await!

I brought back a slow cooker, as I’m sorry to say everything in Norway seems to be about double the price in comparison to the UK.

After a short journey of only 20 miles (remember we’ve sailed from Auckland to Guernsey!), we decided it was time to put down anchor for the night.

Woke on the morning of the 30th to the sound of propellers somewhere around the boat. It sounded as if someone was coming close to have a look. I popped my head up into the great room and to my surprise, it was a shipping passing us about ½ a mile away. When lying in bed it sounded much closer.

We set off in rainy weather, which soon developed into fog. I amused myself by trying out the new slow cooker, and am happy to report the results that evening were fantastic! A worthwhile addition to anyone’s cruising inventory.

The weather has not been kind to us today. We now have low lying cloud with poor visibility at times.

Peter Watson

TSV 30 July 2015